Hey! I’m Aly, aka Alyson Kathryn…aka Aly Kat! My parents started a porcelain jewelry business around the time I was born and since they just couldn’t get enough of me (yes, I’m an only child 😉)…they named their business after me and called it Aly Kat. Their business evolved from basic shaped porcelain jewelry into mainly animal-shaped and hand painted earrings, pins and the oh-so-80’s bolo ties (remember those?!) Crazy cat ladies loved their stuff so much so that they just had to have matching shirts! So my dad started screen printing apparel to match the jewelry. My parents worked non-stop, printing and painting during the week and traveling throughout California, Nevada and Arizona on the weekends selling at Craft Fairs, Art and Wine Festivals and even Farmer’s Markets. I learned what it meant to be a hard worker at an early age and was exposed to all kinds of art and opportunities to make things. 
When it came time to go to college, I decided to step away from my creative side and dive head first into something (looking back on it, I knew nothing about) and become a registered nurse. So here I am today, a full-time trauma nurse, wife and mom with an underlying drive to be a little creative!